About Metro

The mission of Metro Esports is to promote esports in an experiential and interdisciplinary methodology to teaching and learning.



Metro Esports Team is committed to providing every student with a rigorous program that incorporates gaming education that purposefully integrates content and skills from engineering, technology, science, computer science, and mathematics to foster gaming industry literacy. Students apply integrated content to develop games and solutions while employing skills critical for postsecondary study and career success.


As an official STEM-based learning organization by STEM.org since 2021, the programs we have created will offer a flexible and personalized learning environment for youth and adults both virtually and in-person as a part of the integrated school day, after-school programs, and/or summer camps.

Tech education programming offered by Metro Esports results in certifications and STEM accreditation which help the students acquire internships and/or employment opportunities with program partners. 


Our Trusted Partners

Some of the trusted brands and technology companies that support Metro Esports.